Johnson Evinrude Outboard Motor 1-60hp 1971-1989 Service Repair Manual

Johnson Evinrude Outboard Motor 1-60hp 1971-1989 Service Repair Manual

1971-1989 Johnson Evinrude Outboard Motor 1-60hp factory service manual PDF info:

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This manual contains fully detailed step-by-step repair procedures with hundreds of high quality photos and illustrations to guide you through any repair, maintenance, overhaul, service specifications or troubleshooting procedure.

Covers: 1971-1989 Johnson Evinrude Outboard 1.2 - 60 Hp 1 and 2 Cylinder, 2-Stroke Models

Contents listed below:

INTRODUCTION                            Filling Lower Unit            
CLEANING, WAXING, POLISHING             Propeller Installation  
PROPELLERS                              4 DELUX THRU 8 HP 1980-'85               
FUEL SYSTEM                             Description              
LOADING                                 Removal              
HORSEPOWER                              6 ELECTRICAL (CONT)      
FLOTATION                               ALTERNATOR CHARGING         
COMPASS                                 Troubleshooting            
ANCHORS                                 CHOKE CIRCUIT SERVICE             
NAVIGATION                              Circuit Description             
2 TUNING                                Starter Motor Description       
INTRODUCTION                            Testing        
COMPRESSION CHECK                       Disassembling Type I                    
SPARK PLUG INSPECTION                   Cleaning and Inspecting                
IGNITION SYSTEM                         Assembling Type I                             
SYNCHRONIZING                           Disassembling Type II                       
BATTERY SERVICE                         Cleaning and Inspecting                    
CARBURETOR ADJUSTMENTS                  Assembling Type II                        
FUEL PUMPS                              BOSCH STARTER MOTOR SERVICE          
STARTER AND SOLENOID                    Removal 
INTERNAL WIRING HARNESS                 Disassembling Armature Testing  
WATER PUMP CHECK                        Cleaning and Inspecting Assembling      
PROPELLERS                              PRESTOLITE SERVICE             
LOWER UNIT                              Removal         
BOAT TESTING                            Disassembling          
3 POWERHEAD                             Armature Testing Cleaning
INTRODUCTION                            and Inspecting       
Theory of Operation                     Assembling STARTER MOTOR TESTING           
                                        SHIFT BOXES     
3 POWERHEAD (CONT)                      DOUBLE-LEVER SHIFT      
HEAD SERVICE                            BOX SERVICE     
REED SERVICE                            Troubleshooting 
Description                             Removal 
Reed Valve Adjustment                   Disassembling   
Cleaning and Service                    Cleaning and Inspecting 
Installation                            Assembling      
BYPASS COVERS                           ELECTRIC GEAR BOXES AND 
Installation                            SINGLE LEVER CONTROL    
EXHAUST COVER                           Troubleshooting 
Cleaning                                SINGLE LEVER SHIFT BOX SERVICE
Installation                            JOHNSON UNITS ONLY                    
TOP SEAL                                Disassembling                              
Removal                                 Cleaning and Inspecting                
Installation                            Assembling                                 
BOTTOM SEAL                             PROPELLER EXHAUST
Inspection                              MECHANICAL SHIFT 35 HP   1978
CENTERING PINS                          20 HP 1974 & on 25 HP 1986 & on
MAIN BEARING BOLTS                       Water Pump Disassembling           
AND CRANKCASE SIDE BOLTS                Lower Unit Disassembling            
Installation                            Cleaning and Inspecting                
CRANKCASE COVER                         Lower Unit Assembling                 
Removal                                 Water Pump Installation               
Cleaning and Inspection                 Lower Unit Installation                
CONNECTING RODS AND PISTONS             Functional Check                          
Removal                                 TROUBLESHOOTING
Disassembling                           MANUAL SHIFT 6.0 to 40 HP
Rod Inspection and Service              ALL MODELS EXCEPT 35 HP
Piston and Ring Inspection              WITH PROPELLER EXHAUST           
and Service                             LOWER UNIT SERVICE MANUAL 
Assembling                              SHIFT 6.0 HP
CRANKSHAFT                              1979 9.5 HP to 20 HP 
Removal                                 1977  25 HP   1978                         
Cleaning and Inspection                 Shift Rod Disconnect                    
CYLINDER BLOCK SERVICE                  Lower Unit Removal                     
Honing Procedures                       Water Pump Removal                   
Assembling                              Lower Unit Disassembling            
Piston and Rod Installation             Cleaning and Inspecting                
Crankshaft Installation                 Lower Unit Assembling                 
Needle Main and                         Water Pump Installation               
Rod Bearings                            Lower Unit Installation                 
 Crankshaft Installation                Functional Check                          
With Top Needle Main Brg.               LOWER UNIT SERVICE
and Babbitt Ctr. & Bottom               MANUAL SHIFT 40 HP THRU 1976   
 With Top & Bottom Needle Brg.          Lower Unit Removal                    
 and Ctr. Babbitt Brg.                  Water Pump Removal                   
 With All Babbitt Main Brgs.            Lower Unit Disassembling            
 Crankshaft Installation Babbitt        Cleaning and Inspecting                
 Main and Rod Bearings                  Lower Unit Assembling                       
Crankcase Cover Installation            Water Pump Installation               
 Main Bearing Bolt and Crankcase        Lower Unit Installation                 
 Side Bolt Instl.                       Functional Check                          
Bottom Seal Installation                PROPELLER EXHAUST
Reed Box Installation                   MECHANICAL SHIFT 9.9 HP  
Head Installation                        1974 & on15 HP   1974 & on                   
BREAK-IN PROCEDURES                     Description                                
  TYPE IV  CARBURETOR                   Troubleshooting                            
Removal                                 Lower Unit Removal                     
Disassembling Cleaning and              Water Pump Removal                   
Inspecting Assembling Installation      Lower Unit Disassembling            
FUEL PUMP SERVICE                       Cleaning and Inspecting                
Removal and Installation                Lower Unit Assembling                
Cleaning and Inspecting                 Water Pump Installation               
FUEL TANK SERVICE                       Lower Unit Installation                  
ELECTRIC PRIMER CHOKE                   Functional Check                          
MANUAL PRIMER CHOKE                     30 HP 1981 & on 
OIL INJECTION SYSTEMS                   Description     
VRO Oil Inject.                         Troubleshooting      
AccuMix (AutoBlend)                     Lower Unit Removal      
5 IGNITION                              Water Pump Removal      
INTRODUCTION                            Lower Unit Disassembling               
SPARK PLUG EVALUATION                   Cleaning and Inspecting 
POLARITY CHECK                          Lower Unit Assembling       
WIRING HARNESS                          Water Pump Installation       
FLYWHEEL MAGNETO IGNITION 1.25 hp       Lower Unit Installation 
1987 &on 2 hp- 1986 2.5 hp              Functional Check        
 1987  on 4 hp-1984 6 hp - 1976         ELECTRIC SHIFT  
 9.5 hp-19773 18 hp - 19773 20 hp       TWO SOLENOIDS   
1971 -72 25 hp - 1972 40 hp-1973        50 HP   1977                          
TROUBLESHOOTING                         Description     
Wiring Harness                          Troubleshooting 
Key Switch                              Lower Unit Removal      
Compression                             Water Pump Removal      
Condenser                               "Frozen" Propeller Shaft        
Breaker Points                          Cleaning and Inspecting 
SERVICING FLYWHEEL MAGNETO              Lower Unit Assembling   
IGNITION SYSTEM                         Water Pump Installation 
Removal                                 Lower Unit Installation 
Cleaning and Inspecting                 Functional Check        
Assembling                              MECHANICAL SHIFT        
 4 FUEL                                 HYDRAULIC ASSIST        
INTRODUCTION                            SHIFT DISCONNECT UNDER  
INFORMATION                             50 HP   1977    
FUEL SYSTEM                             Description     
TROUBLESHOOTING                         Trouble  shoot ing      
Fuel Pump Tests                         Lower Unit Removal      
Fuel Line Test                          Water Pump Removal      
Rough Engine Idle                       "Frozen" Propeller Shaft        
Excessive Fuel Consumption              Cleaning and Inspecting 
Engine Surge                            Lower Unit Assembling   
JOHNSON/EVINRUDE                        Water Pump Installation 
CARBURETORS                             Lower Unit Installation 
TYPE I  CARBURETOR                      Functional Check        171
Removal                                 MECHANICAL SHIFT
Disassembling                           SHIFT DISCONNECT UNDER
Cleaning and Inspecting                 LOWER CARBURETOR
Assembling                              40 HP 1977 & on
Installation                            50 HP  1977
CHOKE SYSTEM SERVICE                    50 HP   1975 and 1980 & on
 ALL ELECTRIC CHOKE REMOVAL             55 HP   1978
TYPE II  CARBURETOR                     60 HP  1980 & on                         
Disassembling                           Description                                     
Cleaning and Inspecting                 Troubleshooting                          
Assembling                               LOWER UNIT (CONT)     
Adjustments                             Lower Unit Removal                        
TYPE III  CARBURETOR                    Water Pump Removal                  
Removal                                 "Frozen" Propeller Shaft                    
Disassembling                           Cleaning and Inspecting                  
Cleaning and Inspecting                 Lower Unit Assembling               
Assembling                              Water Pump Installation                    
Installation                            Lower Unit Installation                      
Flywheel Removal                        "FROZEN" PROPELLER                  
Armature Plate Removal                  Starter Disassembling   
Armature Plate Installation             Cleaning and Inspecting 
 Charge or Sensor Coil Removal          Assembling      
 Charge or Sensor Coil                  Installation    
Installation                            Adjustment               
 Charge or Sensor Coil                  TYPE V  MOUNTED ATOP    
Adjustment                              FLYWHEEL WITH NO              
Flywheel Installation                   RETURN SPRINGS    
Power Pack Replacement                  40 HP- 1977  & 1988     
Timing Check Adjustment                 Removal 
SYNCHRONIZATION FUEL                    Cleaning and Inspecting 
AND IGNITION SYSTEMS                    Assembling      
Primary Pickup Adjustments              Rope Installation       
and Locations                           Starter Installation          
The No. A Location                      TYPE VI  MOUNTED ATOP FLYWHEEL 
The No. B Location                      WITH ONE OR TWO NYLON PAWLS
The No. C Location                      COLT, JUNIOR,
The No. D Location                      & ULTRA  1986 & on 2 HP  19785 2.5 HP  
The No. E Location                      1987 & on 4 HP  1980 & on 18 HP   
6  ELECTRICAL                           1973 20 HP  1977, 1985 & on 25 HP  
INTRODUCTION                             1971 & on 35 HP   1978                           
BATTERIES                               Starter Removal                                        
Marine Batteries                        Disassembling                                   
Battery Construction                    Cleaning and Inspecting                  
Battery Ratings                         Starter Assembling                             
Battery Location                        Rope Installation                               
Battery Service                         Starter Installation                             
Jumper Cables                           TYPE VII  MOUNTED ATOP FLYWHEEL      
Storage                                 WITH LARGE PAWL PLATE            
Dual Battery Installation               Starter Removal                            
GAUGES AND HORNS                        Disassembling                              
Constant Voltage System                 Cleaning and Inspecting                
Temperature Gauges                      Starter Assembling                         
Warning Lights                          Starter Installation                              
Thermomelt Sticks                       9  HAND STARTERS   
FUEL SYSTEM                             INTRODUCTION                                        
Fuel Gauge                              Emergency Starting                                 
Fuel Gauge Hookup                       TYPE I  STARTER   
Fuel Gauge Troubleshooting              CYLINDER WITH PINION GEAR All 
TACHOMETER                              ]HP All 6 HP All 7.5 HP All 8 HP                 
HORNS                                   Starter Rope Replacement                          
ELECTRICAL SYSTEM                       Removal                                    
GENERAL INFORMATION                     Installation                               
GENERATING CHARGING                     Starter Removal                            
CIRCUIT SERVICE                         Disassembling                                   
Troubleshooting                         Cleaning and Inspecting                      
Removal and Disassembling               Assembling                                 
Armature Testing                        TYPE II STARTER  
Cleaning and Inspecting                 CYLINDER WITH PINION GEAR
Assembling                              All 9.5 HP                                        
LOW TENSION FLYWHEEL                    Rope Removal                               
MAGNETO IGNITION SYSTEM                 Rope Installation                          
9.9 hp - 1976                           Starter Removal                            
15 hp-1976                              Cleaning and Inspecting                
18 hp- 1973                             Assembling                                 
20 hp - 1973                            Installation                               
25 hp - 19776                           TYPE III STARTER
35 hp - 1976                            COIL SPRING WITH SWING ARM
40 hp - 1976                            VERTICAL MOUNT 4 HP   19778
40 hp Comm. - 1983                       4 HP DELUX   1982 & on 4.5 HP 
Description                              1980-84                                     
Theory of Operation                     Removal                                     
Troubleshooting                         Disassembling                                  
Removal                                 Cleaning and Inspecting                        
Cleaning and Inspecting                 Assembling                                 
Assembling                              TYPE IV  STARTER
                                        COIL SPRING WITH SLIDING GEAR
(CD)                                    All 9.9 HP
FLYWHEEL MAGNETO WITH                   All 15 HP                                  
TIMER BASE 50 hp                        Removal                                    
- 1977  55 hp - 1977                    Starter Rope Replacement                    
Description                             10  POWER TRIM/TILT        
Theory of Operation                     SYSTEM DESCRIPTION                       
Troubleshooting                         FILLING SYSTEM                                  
Servicing                               TROUBLESHOOTING                                   
Stator and Charge Coil                  SERVICING                                  
Replacement                             ELECTRICAL MOTOR SERVICE            
Timer Base and Sensor                   Cleaning &  Inspecting                    
Assembly Replacement                    Testing                                    
Power Pack Replacement                   II   MAINTENANCE
Timing Check and Adjustment             INTRODUCTION                               
 WITH SENSOR COIL 2.5 hp  1987 & on     FIBERGLASS HULLS                           
4  hp Dlx.  1984 & on 4.5 hp-1980-85    ALUMINUM HULLS                             
5  hp - 1985                            BELOW WATERLINE SERVICE           
6  hp - 1979                            SUBMERGED ENGINE SERVICE         
6 hp - 1982 & on                        WINTER STORAGE                             
7.5 hp -1980-85                         LOWER UNIT SERVICE                        
8 hp  1984 &on                          Propellers                                 
9.9 hp  1977 & on                       BATTERY STORAGE                          
15 hp- 1977 & on                        PRESEASON PREPARATION            
20 hp - 1981 & on                       APPENDIX
25 hp - 1977 & on                       METRIC CONVERSION CHART          
30 hp  1985 & on                        DRILL SIZE CONVERSION CHART 
35 hp - 19784                            TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS                 
40 hp  1984 & on                        TUNE-UP SPECIFICATIONS 4 to 17 
50 hp - 1978 & on                       POWERHEAD SPECIFICATIONS 
55 hp - 1983                             OIL/FUEL MIXTURE                          
60 hp - 1980-85                         GEAR OIL CAPACITIES                         
Description                             STARTER MOTOR SPECS.                         
Theory of Operation                     REGULATOR SPECIFICATIONS  
Troubleshooting                          GENERATOR SPECIFICATIONS      
Checking Type II System                 CONDENSER SPECIFICATIONS  
Troubleshooting                         Typical I-cylinder pwhd.                   
Disassembling                           2.5 hp, Excel, Ultra, & 4 hp
Cleaning and Inspecting                 -1984 & on                                 
Assembling                              4 Delux thru 55 hp w/CD 2ign.,
SINGLE-LEVER REMOTE                     w/manual start; 
CONTROL SHIFT BOX                       Also models equipped 
Troubleshooting                         with A.C. lighting          
Disassembling                           9.9 hp and 15 hp
Assembling                              w / electrlc start - 1976           
SHIFT BOX REPAIR                        9.9 hp and 15 hp
Disassembling                           w/electrlc start - 1978            
Cleaning and Inspecting                 9.9 hp and 15 hp
Assembling                              w/electric start  1986 & on 27 
CABLE END FITTING INSTALLATION          I8 hp, 20 hp, & 25 hp
AT THE ENGINE END                       w / electric  start - 1971 -7 2      
FOR ALL SHIFT BOXES EXCEPT SINGLE            28 18 hp, 20hp,& 25 hp
LEVER REMOTE CONTROL                    w/electric start - 1976           
8 LOWER UNIT                            35 hp w/electric start - 1976            
DESCRIPTION                             25 hp and 35 hp-19778              
Chapter Coverage                             20 hp thru 90 hp w/std. shift
Illustrations                           & w/electric start 19783          
PROPELLER SERVICE                          40 hp w/generator, w/std. shift
Propeller with Shear Pin                & w/electric start  1973       
Removal                                 40 hp w/alternator, w/std. shift
Exhaust Propeller                       & w/electrlc start - 1976
Removal                                   30 hp w / alternator
Propeller with Shear Pin                4 w/electric start - 1972 
Installation                             50 hp w/alternator
Exhaust Propeller Installation          & w/electrlc start - 1977
LOWER UNIT LUBRICATION                  Also 55 hp with no
Draining                                thermo switch  1977                    
Filling                                 50 hp w/manual Start  1980-83       
NO SHIFT LOWER UNIT SERVICE              55 hp w/electric start - 1977             
1.25 to 4.0 HP 1971 & on                50 hp & 53 hp
Description                             w/electric start  1978                 
Troubleshooting                         50 hp  - 1979, 55 hp - 1983,
Removal                                 & 60 hp - 1980-81
Water Pump Removal                      all w/electric start                       
Lower Unit Disassembling                20 hp, 23 hp, 30 hp, 33 hp,
Cleaning and Inspecting                 40 hp, 30 hp, and 60 hp
Assembling                              w/remote electric start 1985               
                                        40 hp & 30 hp w/tiller
Water Pump Installation                 electric start  1986 & on            
Lower Unit Installation                 40 hp & 50 hp w/remote
                                        electric start - 1986 & on            
                                        Remote Control Box 

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